Shortlist: Horrifyingly Good Games

I wrote this post yesterday and apparently it never actually published. I have added parenthesis to the opening to account for this. Happy (belated) Halloween, nerds! It's the (day after the) time of year when we take immense pleasure in scaring the shit out of ourselves, so I figured I would share a list of... Continue Reading →


Neverending Fantasy: The Exhausting Marketing of Square Enix

Everyone is familiar with the excruciating pain one has to endure between ordering their food at a restaurant and receiving it. They're at the point where they know something is being made for them to enjoy, but it's not ready for consumption yet. Just a little longer. But what if you went to your favorite... Continue Reading →

Res-Erect: Dead Space

Welcome to the first of a series in which I talk about my personal beloved franchises that haven't seen the light of day in quite some time. Chances are most of these series will stay that way, but that's not stopping me from begging. In this entry, I'll be performing this ritual in the middle... Continue Reading →

Making a Case for Halo Battle Royale

If you dare, go find any current article about gaming trends and go to the comments section. Scroll through them long enough and I can guarantee two things: You'll be very depressed by the time you finish and you will find at least five people bitching about the battle royale craze. Nothing pisses these people... Continue Reading →

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